Friday, February 17, 2017

DIY Bandana Bib Tutorial

As I've said before, Reuben drools a lot. He's a mouth breather and sadly, because of his allergies, usually has a stuffy nose. This causes him to drool a lot. I've tried buying different bibs from etsy and chain stores, but most are thin or too expensive. I've started making my own bibs for him. This is a triangle bib, and I used a tea towel for the front and an old towel for the back, to make it super absorbent.

For the most part he tolerates bibs. Sometimes he pulls it off. If I don't notice, he is soaked in no time with drool, and requires an entire outfit change, not just a bib switch.

We go through 8-12 bibs a day, depending on if he's teething or extra congested. Or teething AND extra congested. Poor kid. He really does drool a ton!