Wednesday, February 1, 2017

12 Months Paleo

I made it an entire year, more or less! Last year I felt great, had better energy and less pain, all because of the paleo diet. I'm very happy. I hope this year has more of the same in store for me.

I probably won't write monthly update posts anymore--more like a post every 6 months. So the next one will be 18m paleo. There just isn't a lot to report now that this has become my way of life.

So, what's changed? I no longer eat a lot of almond flour. I have one to two almond flour desserts a month, if that. I used to bake all the time when I first started paleo, but now I have slacked off a lot. With a baby, I'd rather spend my free time knitting now. 

I'm also not strict paleo anymore. I occasionally consume hummus, and sometimes gluten free crackers (dipped in the hummus, YUM). I've found a really good type of vegan bread that does not irritate my stomach, and I've been enjoying sandwiches. Nothing has to be 100%. The main thing is I am symptom free, happy, and active! I am still 80-90% paleo, and this still works for me. I can't imagine going back to the way I used to eat, with gluten and dairy daily, but eating a few of my favorite foods now and again isn't wrecking my gut like it used to. So now I can eat out and just keep it dairy, soy and gluten free--opening up a lot more options for enjoying my existence.  I used to just be able to eat at Zoe's Kitchen and Chipotles, but now I can almost eat anywhere.

If I have a reaction I can always dial it back more, but for now I am doing well.

I also started meal planning again. Right now I'm writing each meal I make on an index card, with the ingredients and instructions on the back. I just pick 6 cards each week and it makes grochery shopping so easy. Also, I know what I'm making daily for dinner and don't have to do the "what's in the fridge" scan anymore at 5pm when my toddler is hungry and staring at me.

I'm still enjoying my paleo journey. I'm still creating fun paleo recipes--I really need to publish a cookbook sometime, hah. Maybe I will?