Sunday, February 19, 2017

A week of paleo dinners pt 2

A week of paleo dinners. I didn't mean for all of these (okay, all but one) to be one pot paleo dinners, but they are! I must have been stressed. I usually do one pots on days where I am really busy. Who am I kidding...I'm always busy! I have a toddler. And a husband. And a YouTube channel. And I like to shower instead of slaving in the kitchen... but I also like to eat, so some slaving is necessary...

Day One: Chicken stew. Chicken thighs, various veggies, a little bit of homemade chicken stock, coconut aminios, and seasonings. I can't remember what kind of seasonings. It was good.

Day 2: Chicken sausage cooked with red bell peppers, kale, and seasoning. Paired with a sweet potato.

Day 3: Paleo jerk chicken with a side of veggies.

Day 4: It's not a good picture. I was hungry. Chicken sausage, red bell pepper, Chinese five spice powder and green cabbage.

Day 5: This was a particularly bad day, I was not in the mood for cooking. It's just ground beef with greens and bacon and some seasoning. It was good, easy, and quick: just what I needed.

Day 6: A fancy day. Regular pizza on the right for hubby, with cheese and gluten. Paleo pizza for me and the squish. I cheated and put some cheese on my side. It was worth it. Total weekend splurge meal. We watched doctor who and ate pizza and it was great.

Day 7: Curry. We really do eat curry once a week. This was red curry, and it was yummy!

That is what I made. I love cooking, and I love eating this way, and taking care of my body and having energy and not being in pain... not pictured, is the side I usually make for hubby. Like if I make curry, I make him rice, and sometimes dinner rolls (like the instant kind) for other dishes, so he can have carbs he enjoys. I just don't eat it. Makes us both happy!

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