Saturday, June 20, 2015

Style Virtuelle

I love getting surprises in the mail. I used to get that makeup subscription box whose name I can't remember (for like 3 months) because I wanted to try new makeup--I canceled it because I really don't experiment much and I was stockpiling makeup in colors that only a zombie would wear. Then I heard about clothing subscription boxes! I signed up for stitch fix first. Stitch Fix is a really high end subscription box, in my opinion, but I do love it. I will continue to subscribe to it, but, I can only afford to keep it coming every 3 months, being that each box holds about $200 or $300 worth of clothing.

And then a Youtuber I follow (she's so adorable) posted about a different clothing subscription box called Style Virtuelle--and S.V. was currently having a 30% off new business promotion going on. I don't know if it is fair to compare it to Stitch Fix, but since I got SF before SV, I can't help it. For one, SF only charges you $20 upfront, and after you receive your box you look it over and can decide what pieces you want and pay for them (my last box had 5 items for $250 in it, I kept two and paid $90 for two new maternity items and sent the other three items that I didn't like back).

SV is different. The way her website is set up is you pay a total up front. I believe I paid $110 for the level one box (she also has a higher end level two box ) and I received four items. I requested from her pieces for postpartum since I'm giving birth in a few weeks (ahhhh!) and wanted some new things to wear and I didn't feel like waddling myself to the store and trying to pick out things in my bloated state right now.  (I just want to stay home and eat chocolate covered almonds and stare at my newborn diaper stash...)

I received four items, a pretty dress (that is perfect for nursing), a orange shirt (I sent this back, so I don't have a picture of it because I forgot, like a noob) and a flowery top and a jersey skirt. When Rachel (the owner) receives the shirt I sent back, she will refund me the portion of my payment allotted for it--I don't pay for what doesn't work for me. My favorite thing was the dress. I didn't try it on, but I put it in my hospital bag to wear as my going home outfit. The skirt I love as well! It actually works well right now, and I plan on wearing it on Sunday. I love the shirt too, but since I'm still gestating a Rueben, I can't try it on. It looks like it will fit after he decides to stop rubbing his head on my bladder and come out to greet the world. I'm good at eyeballing clothing fit, usually.

Signing up for fun boxes of surprise clothing is fun. I can totally afford this box monthly (instead of every 3 months) and with a newborn (I'm sure I'll be house-stuck for awhile) it will give me something to look forward to! If you are interested in signing up, check it out here. Rachel (the stylist and owner) is really cute and sweet, she replies promptly to e-mails and she also has two adorable kids of her own. I plan on doing a review of the box monthly as well as a try-on video on my YouTube Channel (no video right now. I'm still planetary and it wouldn't really work well).

What do you think? I love clothes. I also don't feel like leaving the house, so, yay. Mail!

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Brita Long said...

I love the idea of subscription boxes, but at the moment, they're not for me. I have more than enough clothes right now. Plus it's so hard for me to find stuff that fits both my shoulders and my boobs, so I'm a bit skeptical of finding clothes online.

I LOVE that pink dress, though. I'm excited you found some good post-pregnancy clothes for reasonable prices.