Monday, June 22, 2015

Guess My Due Date!

On July 1, 2015 I will be considered full term! I'm so excited to meet my little one, and I thought it would be fun to run a giveaway around my due date.  The giveaway is for a $20 Target giftcard that will be sent by e-mail. Anyone can enter, and the contest will run until I pop! You can guess the same day as someone else, just pick a different time. The person who guesses closest to whenever Rueben makes his entrance (err, exit?) wins!

Just leave a comment below of when you think he will be born and I'll add your username/time to the list.

July 1:
July 2:
July 3:
July 4:
July 5:
July 6:
July 7: Brian Markey (3pm)
July 8:
July 9: Heidi Lynn (9am)
July 10: Beth (1am)
July 11: Carolynn Markey (10pm) (yes I get to guess too)
July 12: Brita L (4am)
July 13: Kristin (6pm)
July 14: Rachel G (2am)
July 15: Mom (3pm)
July 16: actual due date
July 17: Chancy G (8am)
July 18: Clara S. (3pm) and Michelle (3am)
July 19: Julie B (5am)
July 20: Rachel P. (9am) and Jane Eyre (9pm)
July 21: Breenah (8am)
July 22: Charlotte W (2pm) and Cliff (9am)
July 23:
July 24: (day of induction, no one wins...or I guess, Rueben wins)

Legal stuff: no purchase necessary, contest starts July 1 at 12am, and ends on the day and hour that my son is born.


  1. Because the first baby usually takes longer to "cook" so to speak, I'm guessing it will be July 20th, but hopefully not that long for your sake! :)

  2. July 17th at 8:00am!

  3. I'm guessing the 21st, if I have to guess a time 8am ish.

  4. My lucky number is 9 so I'll go the 9th at 9am.

  5. So exciting! Put me down for July 12th, 4am.

  6. The 9th at 6am!

  7. I would guess at July 18th , the day after my oldest sons Birthday. Time 3pm, a nice civilised time of the day!

  8. July 10th, 1am. Though for your sake, I hope it's a fast labor and it happens at 1pm. :)

  9. July 22, 9 AM :)


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