Monday, June 22, 2015

Guess My Due Date!

On July 1, 2015 I will be considered full term! I'm so excited to meet my little one, and I thought it would be fun to run a giveaway around my due date.  The giveaway is for a $20 Target giftcard that will be sent by e-mail. Anyone can enter, and the contest will run until I pop! You can guess the same day as someone else, just pick a different time. The person who guesses closest to whenever Rueben makes his entrance (err, exit?) wins!

Just leave a comment below of when you think he will be born and I'll add your username/time to the list.

July 1:
July 2:
July 3:
July 4:
July 5:
July 6:
July 7: Brian Markey (3pm)
July 8:
July 9: Heidi Lynn (9am)
July 10: Beth (1am)
July 11: Carolynn Markey (10pm) (yes I get to guess too)
July 12: Brita L (4am)
July 13: Kristin (6pm)
July 14: Rachel G (2am)
July 15: Mom (3pm)
July 16: actual due date
July 17: Chancy G (8am)
July 18: Clara S. (3pm) and Michelle (3am)
July 19: Julie B (5am)
July 20: Rachel P. (9am) and Jane Eyre (9pm)
July 21: Breenah (8am)
July 22: Charlotte W (2pm) and Cliff (9am)
July 23:
July 24: (day of induction, no one wins...or I guess, Rueben wins)

Legal stuff: no purchase necessary, contest starts July 1 at 12am, and ends on the day and hour that my son is born.

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