Monday, March 2, 2015

My Creative Space

Last month Melmaria posted about her creative space, and that made me want to do a post about my space as well! Her space is very well organized and very cute. Mine is definitely not as cute, but it works for me and makes me happy. I'm also sharing a space with my husband and hopefully that should change (he is almost done with the backyard shed where he wants to set up his own space...because we both have different ideas of feng shui.

When you first walk up into the loft you find Minecraft Husband! Minecraft husband does not like to be bothered and must be placated with treats and tea. He also likes the light off.

On the other side of Minecraft Husband are my clothes. The closet in our bedroom is super tiny, and just holds my husband's clothes right now. I have my stuff upstairs, and I love having the room to spread out!

To the left of Minecraft Husband is my yarn closet. I own a lot of yarn. Some women collect shoes (not me, I own like 8 pairs) or perfume (yuck, don't own any) or other such things. I collect yarn. I am happy with my choice in life, because unlike perfume or shoes, yarn is colorful, fun, plushy, and endlessly entertaining. And sometimes just as expensive. (but don't tell my husband)

Right behind Mindcraft Husband is basically the rest of the room. There are two big recliner chairs (one will go with husband to his space, one will stay with me) a second computer where I edit videos since my Macintosh is circa 2008 and can't even read my video files...and my sewing and knitting space.

You can usually find me here, keeping warm, enjoying food, blogging and knitting away.

I have dreams for renovating this space, and a lot of ideas, but with a baby on the way I don't know how much time I will have. And it's not a priority right now. I do, however, want to hang up some posters (I bought some totoro ones off amazon!) and perhaps an inspiration board or two. I know that a portion of this space will be my kids playroom, and I'm going to put a bassinet up here so when I shower and when baby naps, I can knit.

What does your space look like? Please leave me some links, I'd love to see!


Kristin said...

Yarn is definitely a good thing to collect. :) Though I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by stash.

Rachel G said...

Looks like a nice and cozy place to chill! And you have a bunch of colorful bags/purses, I see. :P I have to buy a new purse sometime because mine broke in December but currently I'm in a "I hate all the purses in the whole world" mood. I don't think you saw it when you visited, but I sure liked my (in Michigan) upstairs turquoise room complete with sewing machine, dollhouse, and computer. Blissful hours were spent there. But Angel was always setting up my laptop downstairs and otherwise luring me away from my room because he'd get too lonely. For the future, I have great plans to get a 3 bedroom apartment and keep one bedroom with no bed so that it can be a school/office/craft/creativity place.

Carolynn said...

?? Not sure what this kind of comment is, but I have done many a post on me being a stay at home wife and talking about budgets. I do make money selling knitting and making tutorials, and I use that money to buy yarn. The yarn I mostly buy is not that expensive, and I've had 5+ years to stockpile. Obviously, I'm married and my husband and I have structured our roles differently then most modern couples. I'm not on any government aid, or anything. I love the way my husband and I are blessed to be able to structure our lives the way we feel really helps our marriage. You can earn money in many different ways. Working outside of your home is only one of those ways.

ganira said...

how do you have so much money when you don't work