Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thing Holder

I finally took my sewing machines to the sewing repair man in my neighborhood and got both my vintage machines looked at. And you know what, apparently it was me messing with them that caused all the problems I was having in the first place. Cue facepalm. And $18 + gas.

But my sewing machines work now! So, I made this bag yesterday. I loved Sew Technicolor's bag and she linked to the tutorial so I wanted to make one too! Only it's been a year (a YEAR) since I've touched a sewing machine. And the directions looked very confusing.

But I made a bag, and the zipper works. The hardest part was the corners (folding to make the bottom flat) and sewing up the inside, as you leave a bit open to pull the bag right-side-out. I'd love any tips, Kristin--if you have any! I couldn't get the sewing-the-inside part closed at all. What I mean by that is my inside you can tell I sewed part of it! It makes the lining not look flush, as the stitches are very apparent. (you can't see it in the picture because you can't see the whole bottom. I decided not to let the whole world know of my utter failure in picture form) Anyway, how did you get yours to look so flawless?

I am going to make a few more bags like this. I think if I keep making them I'll get better.

It's nice to have a working sewing machine again. And I do think the bag is at least showing I've grown, because the zipper works and it functions as a bag. Usually I just fail.

Speaking of utter failures, today I tried to make myself a maternity skirt. After 3 hours and two attempts, I had nothing. Oh, and I cried. I forgot how hard sewing is. It's confusing, and unforgiving and it doesn't love me! And I have a soul that wants to be a knitting and sewing goddess.

I might be a knitting goddess (can I brag?) but sewing, we just don't speak the same language yet.

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