Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Over halfway

I feel so lucky that I haven't really had any problems sleeping in this pregnancy. Maybe that is because I am only 22 weeks (or 21? I can't remember) but I've been sleeping like a big baby. I am finally using that pregnancy pillow I bought at the beginning of my second trimester--and it's so useful now that I have a bit of a bump!

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I am going to have a baby before the end of the year. It's amazing, scary, and quite intimidating. One moment I'm excited, the next I'm checking my pulse to make sure I'm awake and by the end of the day I'm making lists of what needs to be done before little man arrives. Clean out spare room...find a doctor (for baby after birth)...make two weeks of freezer meals...bug husband into moving his stuff out of my office...Oh, and buy everything. One of my good friends who encourages me so much has offered to help me throw a baby shower! Actually, she offered to throw it for me, but she has two kids and right now I have gallons of free time so I'm going to help! I am really excited, I want to bake all sorts of yummy gluten and dairy free food for the event. I've never had a baby shower before. It feels very special.

I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety during the past few weeks. I took a breather last week and went out and got a manicure and pedicure and just relaxed. I was supposed to go with a friend originally, but sadly it dumped snow on us that day and the roads were scary so I changed the appointment to next week and she had a intensive and wasn't able to come. Even alone my time out was super helpful, and when I got home I was even more floored to find my husband had cleaned the living room and washed all the dishes. I was positively spoiled that day! I mean, my husband is amazing but sometimes he just goes above and beyond. He then took me out to eat at Olive Garden. Talk about a perfect day. I'm still living on the wisps of those memories every time I look at my fun mint colored fingers and toenails. I don't know if a self-care day can help everyone's anxiety, but it sure helped mine. Also, the weather getting warm and melting all the snow helped too. Anyone else have cold-weather related blues?

Anyway, no one has touched me yet without asking first. Maybe my bump isn't big enough. But this is the main complaint I've heard from other expecting moms so...who knows? I keep preparing myself to be righteously outraged but it hasn't happened yet.

That's really all that is going on in my life lately, except for some family drama and a knitting project that is almost done. Sometimes I wish I could blog about other people's problems. But that isn't very nice or conducive to positive family relationships, so yeah.

Today will end with me buying deodorant that "does not smell like marijuana" (The one I bought last month is hemp based and apparently smells like I'm a walking poster for drug use) and hopefully swimming after dinner.  So yeah, what's up with you? How are you doing? Tell me all sorts of wonderful things about waists that are not currently expanding so I can live vicariously though your summer wardrobe.


  1. Sorry. I totally lost all semblance of ab muscles during my pregnancy, so my waist line is not the optimistic story you wish to hear.
    I slept through as much of my first pregnancy as I could. I think it is your body's way of storing up sleep for the inevitable less-sleep you get.

  2. Aww, your mani-, pedi- day sounds like fun! Pedicures are so inexpensive here I've been getting one almost every month, and enjoying it! A baby shower will be awesome! I love having showers for people--I need to have some friends have a baby so that I can throw a baby shower. New evil plan. Too bad I don't know a single pregnant person in real life. Glad you're resting well!

  3. one day (maybe?) you will have all sorts of nieces and nephews! With so many siblings a few of them should have kids! And you can throw them all baby showers! As the oldest you just have to wait. Although my younger brother and sister both had two kids each before I was even married. Probably because I waited until 26 to meet my lovely husband. He was worth the wait, haha. :P

  4. sometimes I wish humans laid eggs. Less troublesome on waistlines! I'd totally sit on a egg for 9 months.

  5. if wifi was involved, especially.

  6. Oh, I'm sure I'll have loads of nephews and nieces. Two of my sisters swear up and down they're going to have 10 kids each. haha! I just have to be patient...

  7. Awww, I love this update!

    And side note, one of my friends actually embraced the whole, "touching a pregnant woman's belly" thing. She told me once, that she figured out (this is her 1st baby) that people get so excited for her and they were just so curious about what it feels like! So when they reach out she takes their hands and places them where she wants them to be. She said it gives everyone a way more positive experience.

    This isn't an approach for everyone, but from the few times I saw her do it, she radiated Christ. It almost turned into the perfect witnessing situation! I hope I remember this if I ever get pregnant.


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