Monday, December 29, 2014

Second Trimester here I come!

So, I'm officially 12 weeks today! And yes, I have started feeling better. Last week I finally realized that I am indeed having a baby, and I felt the first flutterings of actual excitement. Followed by a need to pee. Because, pregnancy. Before I've mostly been panicked. And I've stopped checking my underwear every time I use the bathroom for blood. Or, things you do when you are pregnant after miscarriage. I'm starting to hope and this both scares me and makes me happy at the same time.

I took a good week off for Christmas to just relax with my husband. Not talking about a blogging week off. I'm talking about a week off of life in general. We literally did nothing this week besides play lots of minecraft and eat junk food and go swimming at the YMCA and sleep in until 9am. It was glorious. I am spoiled.

Now that I can actually walk around without the room spinning and smell tacos without wanting to hurl, I have some fun things like knitting a pair of gloves and actually sending out (slightly late) Christmas cards.

There is one mild annoyance. They changed my husband's vacation policy at his place of work. He used to be able to "save" his time off until he had accumulated up to 7 weeks. They are changing it to 2 weeks. So how he can only "bank" at least 2 weeks of vacation. Guess how many weeks he has in his bank? 7, because he never takes a vacation. Guess when he has to lower that to 2? June. Guess when our baby is due? July. Can I cry on someone?

little bump
So how have you guys been doing? These pictures were taken when I was 11 weeks along on the Sunday after Christmas. I kind of love this dress, although it is tight in many places that it wasn't tight before. Many people have stated they can't even tell I'm expecting, and I realize that I don't look that pregnant yet. But I can tell. My body is all sorts of weird. I've given up having any sort of expectations and this has helped enormously. For starters, I was very gassy in church. It was all sorts of awkward. And this is one of the less embarrassing examples.

How was your Christmas?  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I received a new toliet for Christmas. I've never been more happy.

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