Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hi guys! Today I'm going to talk about Patreon. I've never done anything like this before, so please bear with me.

As you know, I am trying to build a business--a knitting business (not a blogging one, blogging is a hobby and a fun, relaxing thing for me--not a business, although they do overlap since I use my blog at times to post about my knitting). For a whole year I've been making tutorials and attempting to sell my knitted and crochet designs.

It just hasn't been working. I mean, I sell a design here and there. But there are SO MANY designers it's hard to find a repeat customer base. However I noticed that whenever I offer a free design, it is received very well by the fiber art community. My fox scarf, for example, has been downloaded over 2,000 times--where my "paid" patterns, like my wilderness hat, are purchased only once or twice a month.  I get e-mails from people thanking me for making a free pattern and gushing about how simple to understand my instructions are. I never receive any correspondence about my pay-for patterns (at least, positive correspondence...)

So I thought perhaps I was going about this the wrong way. There are a very limited number of free patterns that are good. I mean really good, with steps easily explained and a clear picture tutorial. This is a niche I could fill!

So from now on, all patterns will be free. Past patterns that I charged for, however, do not fall under this new rule because that would not be fair to those who already purchased them. But all new patterns I make starting from today will be free.

Thus, instead of paying for a pattern, you can use Patreon to give me a "tip". It's totally optional and totally amazing. And tips come with perks.

Patreon is like Kickstarter in that you pledge an amount of money to a person's business plan. But instead of pleading a one-time amount, you pledge to give monthly. It's secure because it's done through a third party. It's safe because I receive none of your personal information--Patreon takes care of all that. You can also cancel at any time, and you can only pledge $1 a month. 

Right now I just have one option, and I think it will stay that way: to donate 1$ a month to Kitty Adventures. Don't worry--I know this isn't for everyone and I don't expect everyone to suddenly donate to me. I just have the option. All funds that are "donated" will go to buying supplies (like yarn and needles) and making videos and patterns that will all be free. It's a way for me to do what I love and be supported by those who love what I do.

Pledge $1 a month and I'll love you forever and link to your blog/twitter/funny cat picture on my sidebar with a text link under "Patreon Supporters".

Check it out if you are interested, and let me know what you think!


Charlotte Wood said...

You know what would be awesome? If people had to watch an ad in order to download a free pattern. Then you could be paid by advertisers.

Najestica said...

I think this is awesome and will be well appreciated!

Brita Long said...

I think this is cool! Good luck. :)