Monday, October 27, 2014

Exercise Update

I didn't exercise last week, but that's okay. I plan on getting back on the workout train starting today! I won't lie, I've been feeling really great lately. I'm still at 160 pounds but my clothes fit better. So far (since my last update post, whenever that was) I've lost 4 inches under my bust, going from 34 to 30 inches. I have lost two inches around my hips, going from 44 inches to 42 inches. I've lost one inch around the upper arm (didn't measure, sorry). I can't tell you anything else, because I'm lazy. Suffice to say this diet and exercise kick I have been on is a wonderful lifestyle change and I love it. I still want to lose two more inches in my hips--my goal is a 40 inch circumference.

I'm still pear shaped. I'll always be pear shaped (meaning, my hips will be larger then my top). And I'm okay with this. I love my shape!

My next mode of attack is to figure out how to fix my gut. I suffer from bloating in this area--its not a fat issue, but a GI track one (you can learn more about it in my vlogs). Getting rid of gluten and dairy in my diet as well as sugar has helped so much--but I'm still bloated. It's just not as bad as it was (and it was bad, trust me). I need to be more careful about the gluten. It's hard to avoid both gluten and dairy as both these things are stables in the American diet. Many days I successfully avoid milk products but gluten is a little bit harder. Creative dinners have been a must around here.

How are you guys doing? Here's to the next month of exercise, knitting, and fun.


  1. I've been thinking you've been looking quite slim lately! I should probably do some more "intentional" exercise soon. I usually count the long walks and all the flights of stairs we climb every day as exercise. (Literally, on an average day I climb a total of 20 flights of stairs) I was going to go work out on the exercise equipment at the park this morning with Angel but the pollution ratings were really high!

  2. hey, have you looked into the FODMAP diet? it might help with your bloating. it helped me a lot.

  3. Another thing you might be interested in reading about (and avoiding) is anything with soy in it. I have a terrible soy intolerance and it's in EVERYTHING...I can tell within an hour if I've eaten something with soy because I get horrible gas pains, bloating, and generally just feel like yuck - and sometimes it lasts for 3-4 days before I feel better. You'd be amazed at how many foods have soy in them unnecessarily! (Soy lecithin is one I can, however, eat as long as it's really far down the ingredient list.) Cutting out soybeans in any form (soy oil/vegetable oil, soy protein, textured vegetable protein which is actually soy, tofu, etc.) really helps my stomach feel better!

    I also clicked on the link that Sabrina recommended for the FODMAP diet and noticed that soy is on the list of things to avoid!

  4. soy is awful! i agree. i used to get supremely awful menstrual cramps because of soy. i still avoid it for the most part.

  5. I can tell you a fast easy way to loose weight. Eat nothing but Chicken and white rice for three-six months. I lost all the extra weight I gained. I am just now adding other things in my diet. Its' nice to be able to see how my body reposes to things. The worse is Corn Syrup. I avoid that like poison. It makes me feel sooo bad. Gluten I have no problem with. Crazy how different people can have different things.

  6. I avoid corn as well as corn syrup! Cudos on losing weight. I don't thinkI could do the chicken and rice diet, wow!

  7. It wasn't really by choose though. My stomach was giving me really big problems and the best way to combat that was to go on the diet. It wasn't easy but it was great knowing that I could eat without worry if it will upset my stomach.


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