Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Backstitches Yarn Shop

Backstitches is the closest local yarn shop to my house. They have a knit and sit every Friday and I try to make it when I can! Last week I went in and asked to take some pictures for my blog. I love this yarn shop and thought it would make an amazing backdrop for a fun fashion photo shoot. The minute I set up my camera and took a few shots no less then 10 people walked into the shop and I had to stop taking pictures of myself (hah). I hope to come back and do another session soon!

I don't know about you guys but I love yarn. The color. The way it feels. The ideas I can get just by picking up a skein and running my hands over the texture. I love yarn so much that the majority of my personal money is spent on it every month.

Going to a yarn shop is a treat and an adventure for sure. Right now I'm sad because I frogged that sweater I started last fall. It's hard when something you work on fails utterly. I've taken the entire thing apart, and will use the yarn to create something else. Maybe. Sigh. (It didn't work...)

I would love some motivational comments to help me along on my other unfinished projects. Blarg.

Do you feel the same way about yarn that I do? Have a great day, and visit your local yarn shop soon!


Kristin said...

This looks like an amazing yarn shop! :)

Brita Long said...

All those yarns look so cool!

You've made so many beautiful things. Are any of your unfinished projects small? I would tackle those first, so you can have that sense of accomplishment when you're done, even if you didn't spent a lot of time finishing it. That will then encourage you to finish bigger projects. Good luck!