Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall in all it's Cold Glory

I will say that fall is my favorite season. The air conditioner is turned off, the house feels quiet and empty, like the pause before you inhale to breathe. The leaves on the trees decide to decorate the world in so many colors my eyes don't know where to look and I just want to bask in all the beauty.

I can wear sweaters again and people don't stare so much when I pull knitting from my purse, the clack of the needle matching the rhythm of my heart.

Yes, I love fall.

I guess there are annoying things about this change of seasons as well. The way people are obsessed over pumpkin spice lattes. I mean, seriously people--its a caffeinated drink with twice the recommended amount of calories and probably enough sugar to kill a kitten. Yet you'll wait in line like it's some golden accessory that will bedazzle your flawless hipster outfit. Priorities, people. Priories.

You won't catch me drinking that. I'm a tea girl. Antioxidants, herbal, with a dash of honey. About 1/3 the price of your milky monstrosity. (can you tell I'm so over the hype?)

Well, fall is here. And I'm happy. It's chilly but not cold. The outdoors is full of a promise of snow to come in a few months and cozy evenings at home with a book in front of a fireplace. And my warm husband, who always overheats in the summer loves to snuggle and watch the leaves blow around.

Things just seem quieter in the fall.

To prepare I've ordered some books on amazon and my husband and I bought a cast iron skillet to attempt some wood-stove cooking. Here is to hiding indoors and knitting, cozy sweaters and most of all warm soups and tea.


Cody Doll said...

You make it sound soo cozy. I love fall too. Unfortunately, I don't get leaves here in Fl. Boo. I am looking for someone to send me a box full. haha. I totally don't get the Pumpkin Latte either. I don't like pumpkin to start with, plus I can't have anything with caffeine/sugar in it, both of those ingredients drive my stomach wild.
By the way, you look adorable in these photos. Were these done before the hair cut or did you hair grow that fast?

Robin said...

Ugh, the pumpkin spice craze. It really irks me when people call it a "PSL" and act as though they are obtaining some elite, priveleged secret drink with a code name. Hundreds of other people are ordering it, you dumbasses!

Carolynn said...

I took these pictures the day before I cut my hair. I just now got around to editing them so yeah. My hair grows fast but not that fast hehehe! I'm sad you don't get leaves--but you also probably will be much warmer then me soon, so...I would totally trade!

Breenah said...

Love that outfit, especially the sweater. I like pumpkin spice flavored things, included the over-hyped PSL, but I don't care if it's from Starbucks or QT or McDonald's for that matter. I don't usually spend my own money on Starbucks (giftcards for the win) but for fall/winter I prefer the salted caramel mocha, which still has way more calories and sugar that's needed, but it's a treat not an everyday thing.

I talked way more about the coffee than I meant to, oops.

Brita Long said...

I'm obsessed with all things pumpkin, but I hate coffee, so I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes. Also, I eat pumpkin-flavored stuff all year long!

I love the coziness of sweaters, tea, soup, and cuddles too. It's a lovely season!

Rachel G said...

I am neither a tea nor a coffee girl, but here I drink a lot of tea because people serve it to me all the time. :) It's good that you live in a place with beautiful autumns for you. I'm loving my "cooler" 85 degree weather over here. :)

Cody Doll said...

Whew. I was wondering about your hair. haha. Yeah it's alot warmer down here then most places. I love the leaves though but I am sure it gets old. We don't have to worry about raking or chunky sweaters.