Friday, August 8, 2014

Wilderness Hat

I made a new pattern! This one is for a slouchy fall knit hat. I'm in love! You can purchase this pattern here for $3.99. I plan on making a lot of these for presents this Christmas.

This pattern uses bulky thick thin yarn. You only need 120 yards to create this hat! 

All my patterns have been professionally tested and any items made using my tutorials can be sold.


Kelly del Valle said...

I love slouch hats! And it's almost the time of year where I start adding to my collection, too. Do you think this would be an alright pattern for a beginner, or is that too ambitious for someone who's only ever done chains before?

Emorie Kidder said...

So lovely with your pretty hair! I'm so ready for Autumn and comfy hats and sweaters.

Carolynn said...

me too. I cannot wait until fall!!!

Carolynn said...

I'm not sure what you mean by chains? I know what a chain is when crochet, but not when knitting. Besides knitting in teh round, you would need to know:
K2tog: Knit two stitches together like they are one.
PSSO: Pass a slipped stitch over another, indicated sts
YO: Wrap the yarn around needle to create a hole. Also called “yarn forward”

If you bought the pattern and wanted to video chat I would be happy to show you any steps--or upload a youtube video. I'm going to make a crochet version as well.

Kelly del Valle said...

A crochet version? That is the one for me! Because that is what I meant by chains, haha. And I'll STILL probably have to follow your guidance.