Monday, August 18, 2014

Thanks For Knitting Me

I've been creating knitting and crochet tutorials for almost eight months now. It's been rewarding and stressful and as you can imagine I'm head over heals in LOVE!

Today I wanted to show you things others have knit using my patterns.

PrettyPinkZebra knit my Pool Gloves. I absolutely adore the colors and yarn she chose.

100creations knit my Woodland Mitts. Her choice of yarn looks like streams or rivers!

Sandyvar knit my Geometric Gloves using three colors instead of two. I love the contrast it creates!

Also LisaCinFl knit my Wilderness Hat. Her hand-spun royal purple yarn is beyond gorgeous.

It's really rewarding to see people knit something I made. I love to see how they make it their own. Thank you to all the people who have chosen to knit my designs! Every one of you make me smile.


Rachel G said...

That's seriously so cool, to see others trying out your patterns and making awesome stuff for themselves!

Charlotte Wood said...

The hat is my favorite!

Jessica said...

Super cool! I love that hat :)