Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Favorite Coffee Shop

I've been coming to The Muse Coffee and Roastery since they opened their doors in Lynchburg, VA. First I visited as a hesitant college student with only the funds to buy a small cup of tea. Now I'm a much older, financially stable adult who loves to support local businesses with my personal money--but still I find myself drawn here.

I cannot count the ways the Muse has really been there for me through the years. Three boyfriends, two breakups--all weathered with strong cups of coffee from their roastery. I've bought an unimaginable number of shared drinks with friends as we met to swap stories of lost love, broken hearts and tentative hopes.

And, of course, let's not forget the one marriage, celebrated with Muse milkshakes after our honeymoon when love was still new and doe-eyed and we couldn't stop staring at each other over the rims of our chosen beverages, our eyes speaking of our haste to get on with the life we were starting together. Yeah, we were that couple. Two years later we still frequent here with books and pens to dream our dreams of such a life and chart it's growth.

The muse has been with me for this and so much more. From the time I announced my pregnancy to a friendly cashier, only to sadly tell her a few short weeks later that I had miscarried. She gave me a free drink and a big hug when I started to cry.

To the first year of marriage where my husband and I chose to live without internet the muse was my hub. I did all my blogging, writing and uploading within their coffee-flavored halls.

Not only a place to catch up with friends, the Muse has also provided me with a safe haven to meet for Facebook Yardsale swaps, exchanging purses or shoes over a much-sugared cup of black coffee.

In a city where there is a kids play-place and park on every corner, it's nice to have a lounge that caters to adults without all the fluff, where as an grown women I can enjoy an uninterpreted board game with my husband or a long, serious talk with a girlfriend. There aren't many establishments where the atmosphere feels as it does here. Open, relaxed, with a hint of espresso mixed in somewhere. Stress free, unbothersome--and always welcome.

Especially as an women who works at home now, I know I can come to the muse when I need a bit of socialization. I'm an extrovert and I've found the Muse customers and staff to be very chatty. Sure there are people who don't want to be bothered, but whenever I visit alone I always seem to find that other lost soul who wants a good chat.

I've even done a full photoshoot (with permission, of course) for my blog at the Muse! I asked the manager when the least busy time was and came wearing a pink wig and a lace blue dress and took pictures of myself shamelessly. It was fun.

I know that as a business many people will say those from the Muse are just doing their job. And they are. But they are doing so much more then that. There are certainly other coffee shops in and around Lynchburg, but this place is the only place where I feel like my presence is enjoyed by the staff and I feel known by them. I love this little local coffee shop and will continue to support them. Even more then serving coffee I can tell those who work at the Muse love their customers. They work hard to bring a personal touch to everything they do. And that means a lot to me.

If you are ever in the vicinity of good old Lynchburg please give them a visit! They've certainly gone above and beyond. Thank you.

And that's my favorite coffee shop.


Rachel G said...

I don't think I've ever actually been to a coffee shop like this. I'm glad you've found a happy and restful place of community for you.

Kelly del Valle said...

This spot looks so cozy! And I love that you are brave enough to just go in there and rock a photoshoot.

Cody Doll said...

I know exactly how this feel. I had a coffee shop like that when I was in Titusville. Very cute place and I love your hair in the photo. Wigs are so cool. =]