Friday, August 15, 2014

Purple Hair

I love lavender. Probably one of my favorite colors. I just know I'm going to wear this wig at least once a week. I absolutely can't wait until fall because wigs are in summer.

Yup. I'm in love with these wigs.


  1. I love lavender too! This one is so pretty, it looks great on you! :)


  2. You know Iove purple hair, as a general rule! Now that I don't have any colorful hair any more I've been craving it a little bit...

  3. This looks awesome! I actually love wigs too and own quite a few now - although my collection is solely used for cosplay. Sometimes I'm tempted to wear them out and about, but then I remember that I'm in Florida and the only thing worse than my own hair in this humidity is wig hair.

  4. I think lavender looks really good on you (but I've said that before, haven't I?). Really pretty pictures though. And that dress is sooo cute. You make me want to do outfit posts.


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