Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Week 15...and a half

We took two weeks off school--well, one wasn't technically a week off since it was our exam week, but the exam took about 10% of the time school takes so it felt much lighter! 

I always am struck with how we thrive when I drop one of my main three "motherhood" juggling acts. The three are, in no particular order:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Feeding my Family
  3. Cleaning/Laundry
For example, with limited nausea and no homeschooling, items 2 and 3 can be accomplished in an orderly and efficient manner. Or, for example, when I cut out number 2 and we eat out a lot, items 1 and 3 don't feel anxious and stress-inducing (but everyone has a stomach ache). 

It's a wheel of fortune. I need to get all of these three things done but that is a rare and wondrous occurrence. And if you add in "socializing" my kids, making time for myself, and being a great wife to my amazing husband, I'm surprised I have time to sleep at night. I'm doing the best I can over here with Jesus and grace, and hopefully a lot of laughter. I am reminded of Farmer Boy, which we just finished reading where he talks about how his mother never sits down unless it is at her loom. I am not running a farm but I could do with that sort of lifestyle. I try to make time to sit down to read my bible, and I am sure Angelina (that's Almanzo's mothers name) did as well when her boys were outside, or at school. But the more sitting I do the less that gets done. It's an exact correlation. I need a cloning machine. 

I will say when I added in "Debilitating Pregnancy Nausea" to the list, nothing was getting done and I was miserable. I am so glad that is mostly behind me. I don't miss it. Thank God it was (a little over) first-trimester brief...

We put up our tree (a small one this year, with the piano there is no space for the big one that my neighbor graciously gave us several years ago) and our stockings, all handmade by me, are hung. I will be crocheting a new stocking next year...the holidays are here and my belly is only getting bigger.

Oh, and I did get a call about my bloodwork. I am slightly vitamin D deficient so I have started on a vitamin D supplement and also am eating more salmon and taking fermented cod liver oil. I really don't go out much when it gets below 40, but perhaps I should make myself. They said my levels were 25 and need to be above 30 (they might have said 26, I can't exactly remember) but I will try to do what I can. Maybe this is why I am tired sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are having a quiet home thanksgiving. I am making ribs, mac and cheese and a pie and not stressing myself out. It will be a fun relaxing day of staying home and playing board games with the kiddos. 

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