Monday, November 14, 2022

Week 14

Well, my first doctors appointment was quite a day. 

I got to see the little bean! He's cute. I think it is a boy, but we won't find out until the gender scan on December 22. A Christmas surprise!! My husband wanted to wait a week to schedule the gender scan but the doctor said it is important to get it done as close to week 20 as possible. If we waited until January it would save us a lot of money because insurance always rolls over on the first of the year. 

I originally had my mom to watch the kids, but she ended up not being able to. So I asked a friend but her son woke up with pink eye so we didn't drop our kids off. SO. Both of the kids came with me. They were well behaved but bored, especially since my appointment took over two hours. Yes you heard that right! Crazy. My husband did have the day off, however I cannot do blood work without him. Leaving the kids with him and going by myself was not an option I could mentally handle. I am terrified of blood work. So we took the kids with us. I was nervous about brining my whole family but actually a lot of other women had their kids or their husband with them, so I felt less awkward. 

Well, the first thing that happened when we walked in...we were asked to put on masks. Except the kids were not required (thank goodness because my son cannot wear a mask). It's freaking 2022 people, I haven't worn a face diaper since 2020 so I was NOT pleased. I asked on the phone about covid policies and was told everything was back to normal but I guess normal includes masks. I hate masks. I'm pregnant and it's already hard to breathe and I was so nervous about blood work. I told them no. They said I couldn't go back unless I wore one. I asked my husband to leave and he looked at me like I was insane. They then said they had face shields, so I put one of those on and felt ridiculous. No one else in the waiting room was wearing a mask or a shield and yet we had been told to wear one! About five minutes later (as I was filling out paperwork) a nurse came in and made everyone put on masks. 

I hate masks. I will not wear one during labor. Hopefully they don't require it. My husband is not bothered by masks and wore them at work until recently when the policy changed. But neither of us wear them out at all! I had no clue doctors offices still required them. So much for covid being over.

I was then asked a bunch of what I considered very invasive questions about my sex life, my past miscarriages and how I was feeling. While I struggled to get through those with my dignity intact, my kids climbed all over the chairs and played with another little boy who was in the waiting room. I answered half of the questions and gave up from sheer mental exhaustion. Isn't it enough that I was here?! Sheesh.

We did weight first, then the ultrasound where the nurse asked to do it vaginally. I politely declined. We didn't know exactly how far along I was, but I was plenty far!!! She could see perfectly. She was very nice and wonderful and gave me lots of pictures. And she remembered me from 5 years ago which I am not sure is a good thing. I must have made some type of impression. I didn't remember her but maybe it was the mask. It's hard to see faces behind the masks.

After that we sat in the waiting room again, then I peed in a cup (and my kids both had to use the bathroom at this point) then we sat in the waiting room some more. After awhile we were put in a space for speaking to the doctor who noticed I was nervous. She asked me at least 3 times if I was on any medications seeming not to believe me when I said no, only a prenatal and probably like 6 others holistic things but no antidepressants or anxiety medications. She could tell I was nervous so I told her about the blood work. Which I will say I had asked to do first. 

Talking to the doctor went well. I was annoyed they didn't know any of my past history since I had given birth twice with them before, and I wasn't expecting to have to tell them about my gestational diabetes. Ugh. But they either are too busy or just don't read that stuff, so I told them.  I will have to test before my December 22 appointment for one week. I didn't tell them I was keto (but I did mention I did it last time and would do it again) but they can probably tell from the blood work.

Exit doctor. We went back to the waiting room.

Blood work time, where I scared both my children while sobbing helplessly in my husbands arms. Then I had a panic attack for about two hours. My loving and very patient husband took me home, made lunch and dinner and took care of me. I felt better by that evening. I absolutely HATE bloodwork. Every time I am made to do it I tell myself never again! Luckily unless something is wrong there is only the finger poke to check my iron levels so, I will console myself with that. I have another appointment in two weeks to talk about my labs and whatever else they do at these things. Then the ultrasound. 

I wanted a home birth.

But, I tell myself, I am so lucky to be having a baby! Another miracle that my unhealthy body is somehow keeping alive. It's a miracle. I pinch myself every day.

Also my nausea is almost gone!! That too has been a huge huge blessing.

And that's all the updates there are.

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