Monday, December 5, 2022

Week 17

We just got back from Reuben's dental appointment and it isn't going well. I think he might be too young for what we are trying to do (get him to breathe though his nose). He keeps taking the device out of his mouth so I am basically throwing money away every month for them to put it back in. I think when he is older and more aware of what the device is for and understands the health benefits he can make the choice not to mess with it. But we are still going to try until I have this baby.

On top of all Reuben's dental bills, we are starting to get prenatal bills We got the bills for my first appointment and for the panic-inducing act of having my blood drawn, after insurance, we were billed $300. Then there was a separate bill for the ultrasound and the consultation. 

I had to take a step back and be reminded (with my husband) that it's worth it. And also to remember to pray. God knew I was going to have a baby in 2023 and he also knew that Reuben was going to be born unable to breathe out of his nose. He is in control and I trust him! Yes I want to fix him right now so his health can be improved...I want him to sleep better (he snores terribly) and for his facial bones to grow correctly, (mouth breathers have issues!) but I am not God. I must remember to wait and pray and abide in him. His timing is perfect and this is worth trying even if it leads no where. At least I will know something that doesn't work.

This Christmas is going to be a much smaller Christmas than last year. Last year I bought everything in October/November for Christmas and our budget was comfortable. I was worried Brian was going to lose his job because we did not want the vaccine (do you guys remember that craziness); but he did not end up losing his job thankfully and prayerfully!! But I wanted to make sure we had a Christmas if he did; and thus I shopped early. This year our budget is half of what it was last year. I mean, we don't really need anything. We have each other! But with the medical issues and crazy inflation, and saving for baby stuff, that is what we have. We are really blessed because many people don't have that, and I am still able to buy my wild caught salmon I keep craving from fresh market. And we have been able to fix our cars several times this year... We really do have everything we need. Just different is...different. 

Anyway. We are doing well. I am learning (still) to dwell on the positives instead of the negatives. And I'm 17 weeks and my nausea seems finally to be 90% gone. Hooray! 

Oh and isn't Becky's new haircut (I cut it for her) just adorable?! She loves it!

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