Wednesday, November 9, 2022

100 Days (9/10)

10 more days! I have fallen in love with the dress weird since I spent like 30 days hating it in the middle of this challenge. I think it was the constant pregnancy nausea and the fatigue and the "same dress" and the keto many ways I was challenged at once. But now that it is almost over and my nausea is slightly better I am able to feel less confined by wearing the same dress for most of the day! 

Wheeeee. 10 more days! 

I think I will give birth in this dress. It seems a fitting end to it. I really honestly don't want to wear it again after wearing it for 100 days. Hah! It did hold up well, only the top got a little loose for some reason. It isn't a big deal, I either safety pin it or wear a shirt under it. 

Also, the elastic is getting a little tight on my 13 week pregnancy bump. My doctors appointment is this Friday and I am nervous and excited all at once... ahhhh!

Now to get dressed and start homeschooling.

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