Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I hate myself, and other complaints (mostly a vaccine rant)

Okay, okay. So I don't actually hate myself. But I do hate how I act sometimes. Why am I such a klutz? Why am I so awkward??! Why can't I be normal? I'm weird, and lately I have become this shy awkward girl in group settings which is totally not me!! It seems every time I open my mouth I say something even more awkward and everyone stares at me. 

where the tv used to be. this will have to be reworked

We got rid of our television the other day. We are in the throes of a media detox and no one is handling it well. It will be great on the other side. We will learn things. We will all grow as a family. But right now it sucks and I hate it. It have done "no TV" before but always quit, because the TV is, you know, still in the house. This time it is no longer in the house so I can't give up and pop in Totoro or Pepa Pig. Can I also tell you that it has rained for three days? We all are sick of each other and I have run out of crafts.

Send help.

I've been reading a book. It is called Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff. It's amazing. If you have parenting problems, read it. I'm only on chapter three; and its the reason we gave up the television. I can't wait to read more. The book promises to teach your children how to help with chores without being asked. Can I ask for more?? So far I have learned that American children have too many things, are shoved "education" in their faces from the time they are birthed, and receive far too many praises. In short our kids are WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic) and this is apparently a problem. The book promises to basically make tantrums disappear and sign me up for that, yes please. Becky is three and that is all I will say. I'm not even halfway though the book but I will be doing whatever she says while also praying because God always helps. 

Our dryer and air conditioner are still broken. 

I do love our family. And I love Ambleside online. I love dark chocolate and evenings spent playing Animal Crossing. I love reading The Five Little Peppers. We got to the part where the five little peppers experiance their first Christmas. I almost cried, and I definitely teared up. Christmas is a beautiful, wonderful thing and remembering the poor is humbling. We all should stop complaining and do more work to make this world a beautiful place for others. (I'm talking to myself here...) I need this book. My kids need this book. I love it.

Please pray for all those across America who do not want to receive the covid vaccine, as their jobs have been threatened. Vaccines should be a personal choice between your doctor and yourself. Medicine should never be forced, and as this particular vaccine only protects (creates antibodies) in the person who choses to accept it, so there is no ethicial grounds for forcing someone to talk it. Body autonomy is so important! The vaccine is available for those five and up right now, and I for one don't want it. With my autoimmune issues and my lyme, I don't think my body could handle it. And it makes me sad that I might not have a say, that my husband might not have a say (and he works completely remote!!).

He loves his job. Anyway, we don't know what is going to happen, if anything, because OSHA has not made any rules yet; but we are praying and trusting in the Lord and ready to stand up for our rights and the rights of many other Americans who also want medical freedom. 

Reuben is six. I don't want a vaccine with only a years worth of data and no long term studies to be injected into my son, with his sensitivities and allergies. I stand for choice. If you want the vaccine, go ahead and get it. But my health and your health are not someone else's responsibilities and definitely not the governments business. 

And yes, I do know there are bible believing Christians who have taken the vaccine. I know there are bible believing Christians who don't want it, like me, for many reasons from ethical, to religious, to medical. It should not be a divisive issue. We are all different, we can coexist, and accept each others firm beliefs. Don't let this issue tear us apart. Research, and make an informed decision for your life.

I love you all.

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