Friday, September 17, 2021

and life goes on...

I'm starting to recognize patterns in life; have you noticed any? For one, every few years it seems everything breaks in our house. This year so far we have had our dryer break (it still works but does not get warm) and our air conditoner bit the dust yesterday. Brian thinks he knows what is wrong with our dryer but can't fix it until this weekend (the parts finally came in, the dryer has been broken for two months now!) 

I have a good laundry routine; but it is very different than previous. I try to do two loads of laundry every time its not raining out, and this, so far, has kept the laundry clean. The clothes are stiff from being dried outside so we have made liberal use of our steamer. And mostly we are just wrinkled. Oh well! Unfortunately, now that the air conditioner is broken I don't think I will use the dryer even if it does get fixed. This because the dryer is in our bathroom and will heat up our house when it is already very hot!

The air conditioner broke yesterday as I said, and it was 89 degrees outside and 81 inside. Our poor fridge isn't liking it much and not only are we wrinkled, but also sweaty. It's not been too bad so far. My husband installed a window unit in our bedroom so we have one room that is nice and cool and it's been fine at night. 

Husband will be diagnosing the air conditioner this weekend as well and hopefully we can fix it. If we need a new one we will have to wait until spring of 2022, and that means a few more weeks of warm temps without it. People have lived without central air for centuries, so I'll be fine, but it has taken a lot to get used too. 

Anyway, during this whole time we have been reading The Five Little Peppers who only have brown sourdough bread (made without eggs, they can't even afford eggs!!) and potatoes to eat, so no one has been complaining about the air conditioner or the fact we have to dry our clothes outside. We all grin and cuddle close, happy to be a family that has food and Nintendo switches, and read another chapter about Polly and Ben in the little brown house. God is so good. 

Also, I think my migraine from a few weeks ago might have been covid? Two days later, while I was sitting in a busy restaurant, I realized quite suddenly that I had completely lost my taste and smell. After getting over the shock, we went home and quarantined for awhile just in case--but I wasn't ever sick, besides having a headache for three days, so I don't quite know. I have been fine since, but still have very limited taste and smell. I have started taking saint johns wort tincture and zinc to see if it helps. 

We also started the gaps diet again. I want to heal and I want to get through this diet. This is our third time starting and I hope to be successful--by that I mean make it though the whole two years!! So far, so good. The gaps diet puts almost all of my autoimmune and lyme issues in remission so its been nice to feel like a real human. It is easy to eat a perpetual diet of soup without any taste and smell.

We also started on Reuben's year one with Ambleside online, and its been going great! He loves it, I love it. It is the school for us and I am so thankful.

How are you all? Our days are filled with paper sloyd, clay modeling, math, geography, and violin. Have a great Thursday. 

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