Saturday, November 26, 2016

The End of Babywearing

I love babywearing. Or I loved it, since I don't (often) babywear anymore! I was wearing daily, it used to be the only way Reuben would nap, and also the only way I could get things done, because he would cry when not attached to me.

I babywore a lot for sanity, because Reuben was very high needs. But I also babywore for fun! I thought you guys might want to see Reuben's babywearing pictures.

I will definitely wear my next baby too--it's wonderful for bonding and I enjoy it. With Reuben being so active now, we don't wear as much. I plan on making some babywearing posts and guides, now that I feel more like a seasoned wearer.

I started out using a moby wrap. This is a stretchy wrap, and you pre-tie it before placing baby in, so you can tie it on you as you go out and not have to mess with it when you get to the store. You can just take baby from car seat and put him on you. I used this until four months.

The next babywearing device I got was a ring sling. We loved this, it's easy and very comfy. I used this until Reuben hit around four months and he was just too heavy--I needed more support after that.

The third babywearing thing I got was a woven wrap. And this is where I found my sweet spot! I love how supportive and comfy woven wraps are, and how you can tie them lots of different ways.

I miss that wrap. I sold it to fund my diso, a rainbow wrap. But I love the rainbow more!

We also own a foxy tula. I love foxes on Rue, he owns a lot of fox print things. This is the most structured carrier I own, and it's great for long walks, and naps. Daddy uses this one on occasion as well.

Looking at these pictures just makes me see how much my Reuben has grown. Babywearing will always bring sweet memories to mind for sure. I miss it sometimes, but he's growing up and doesn't need me like he used to. Instead, he needs me in different ways, and each day with him really is more wonderful then the last. Here is to more snuggles!