Saturday, February 13, 2021

Gaps Week 8

This week we tried adding the kids to the gaps diet! Both husband and I started at stage one with the kids. We quickly realized that reducing the kids diet that much made both of them miserable and all meal times were full of tears and sobbing. So we put the kids on the full gaps diet and Brian and I continued with stage one. It has worked out really well!! We do soup as a family once a day, with raw cheese in it for the kids as an incentive. The below picture shows the kids with plates of chicken and sugar free ketchup and bowls of soup.

Reuben loves soup. He has thrived on our new diet after the transistion that the one or two days of change brought. He has been abnormally hungry (the gaps diet is lower carb being grain free) so I've been feeding him extra raw yogurt and fruit and gaps friendly snacks. 

Becky hates everything about it and most of the time won't eat anything. We are working on it.

I made them these fun charts, and got them some gifts they were allowed to have after eating their soup. This week we did tape, markers, and play dough as incentive gifts. I know changing up our whole way of eating is crazy, but I have seen a reduction of gastrointestinal issues with both of my kids. I am not sure if I will keep them on Gaps with me--I don't want them to have any negative issues around food or to think of food as bad. But as they are growing up with a mother who has a severe chronic illness, it's got to leave some sort of impression on them. I do try to say "mommy does this because the food hurts her body. the food isn't bad" but I still worry a bit!

I am doing better this time, starting over. I know what to expect and that I can't have any dairy. I am hopeful that this time we are work through all the stages and finally get to the full gaps diet!!! Let's go, let's do this thing. I started on stage 1 and ended the week on stage 2. This coming week will bring stage 3 and avocado. 

I hope this will be the last diet I ever have to do.

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