Friday, January 22, 2021

Fun Flappy Ear Hat (and some updates)

I haven't crochet or knit in a while, I've been learning the violin and it is love at first...shoulder rest? The violin is hard. I am determined. I've been playing watching the kids run around outside and averaging about 15 minutes a day of practice, the usual amount of free time I have. 

My husband has been working from home and using up all the internet. I can't use the internet while he is working and thus, I have not been using the internet (which is good for me) but also impacts making YouTube videos and patterns, since the design app uses the internet; not to mention uploading pictures and pdfs. Oh, well. This is a season and a wonderful one. We get to see him for lunch and his commute is short. I love a short commute. 

I did finish one pattern last month, a Fun Flappy Ear Hat for the Becky. She asked for a rainbow hat, and I also made a blue one for the little boy I babysit (modeled here by Reuben). The pattern is available for download for the low price of $5.99 USD and I hope to make a video tutorial of it some time, when I have the energy to film and edit and all that goes with creating. 

How are you all? I have a list of things to make next but I am also tired. 2021 is wonderful so far even if I am mourning a lot of changes both individually and as an American. God is good, and I will cling to that.

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