Saturday, October 24, 2020

GAPS diet [week one]

Yes, it seems to be that time again: the time that I will try a crazy diet to see if it helps my crazy autoimmune issues. If you have read my blog before, you will know I have tried the paleo diet for around three years and I was keto for eighteen months (these time frames are guesses) and now...I am trying the GAPS diet. 

I have read about the GAPS diet a long time ago but thought it way too difficult. But now (a few years later) I watched a video by Bumblebee Apothecary and...decided to give it a try. I saw her on YouTube and I literally decided to go on the diet THAT SECOND as I watched one of her 3 minute videos. I ordered her 30 day GAPS intro meal plan and have been GAPS for one week without even reading the book yet! (It is on the way to me in the mail).

Here are the symptoms I am trying to heal with GAPS: anxiety, bloating, digestive issues, memory issues, skin/hair issues (like dandruff and eczema) and chronic constipation. Mostly I would just like to be able to eat something without being in pain and looking six months pregnant. 

Here are my thoughts so far.

[stage 1 intro diet]

Day one: WOAH. this is amazing, and easy. I love not having to think about what I am making for meals. Soup is so easy. This is fun! The kids eat all the soup too.

Day two: I LOVE THIS DIET. (also I am super bloated I wonder if this is normal) Kids say no more soup mom please I hate soup.

Day three: hungry, super bloated. a bit tired of soup. (also anxiety) Making kids separate foods because soup.

[stage 2 intro diet]

Day four: probably in ketosis (soup is low carb). a bit less bloated but still very bloated. I GET TO EAT EGG YOLKS NOW OMG.

Day five-six: best days ever. I feel great. no bloating at all. my stomach is flatter then it has ever been in like eight years since these autoimmune problems started flaring. Also I realized I actually love soup, and yogurt and sauerkraut and keifer....and while I do want some chocolate this diet is amazing

Day seven: a small amount of bloating returns. I added onions to my soup. I wonder if it is the onions? Am I over thinking this? Should keep a food diary? (also anxiety on this day too)

I am hopeful this diet can heal my gut. I'm going to read the book and do the intro diet to the full gaps diet! I will keep you guys updated. So far, I feel really hopeful...

Also, you notice I didn't mention diabetes or insulin resistance...that's because my blood sugar has been PERFECT since I did a (horrible) candida cleanse. WHOO! Like literally I can eat bowls of rice and my blood sugar is normal. Its crazy.

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