Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Homeschooling won't save my kids

No matter how much organic grass fed beef you feed your children, they will still sin.

Homeschooling? Your child is going to sin.

Public school? Sinners.

Eat at the table as a family every night? Sinful children.

No tv in the house? Kid is still going to wallow in sin.

Allow tablets and screen time? Better be ready for some rebellious hearts to surface.

Are you vegan gluten free homesteading off grid with rescue cows? Sin will rear in your child heart.

More and more I realize there is no right way to train up a child. Yes, you want to point your little darling sinner to God and you want to mirror a repentant heart to them. Yes, you want to follow the bible and cling to God's promises. But the little things? I'm beginning to think they are not as as important as I thought.

Take homeschooling, for example. Homeschooling is great. Your children will have a first person viewpoint into the mess you call a family. Every day they will struggle to see you get your shit together, for lack of a better word, as you strive to mother, teach, clean, manage and cook. They will see your broken moments. They will see you stressed out and anxious and upset. Things they wouldn't see if they were in a school system and you, as a mother, were able to have eight hours of uninterrupted peace.

They will also see you fall on your knees before God. They will see a real human deal with real life, and that is hopefully a good thing? Ask me in 15 years.

I pray I'm being a good example to my children. I love homeschooling, but it is a lot of work and there are definitely cons! My children are just as sinful as public schooled children. We need just as much grace. I desperately need space and time away from my family and sometimes I don't get it, so I throw an adult tantrum and eat chocolate.

God is good. 

Homeschooling won't save my kids.

What was the point of this again?

Oh, sinners. I'm starting to realize the real meat of parenting is teaching your children to battle the sin in their own hearts. While striving against your own sin, of course, and maintaining your house, cooking, meeting the emotional needs of your husband and taking pictures of your perfect little toddler's crafts for Instagram so Sally can see what a great mom you are.

Life really has too many plates to keep spinning. And I don't even know how to juggle.

It's a good thing I serve a God who doesn't care about messy floors, burnt chicken, or the 310th picture of my daughter that I uploaded to Facebook.

All I need to do is trust Christ and live for him, the rest is chaff in the wind. My kids are going to sin. It's inevitable, and instead of thinking "they will never do that" I need to plan and prepare their own hearts for the disappointments and sin that is to come.

Only God can save sinners. 

Trust in him, dear mama.  Not organic chicken or teachings at home or how many hours of daniel tiger you watch a day. Just trust in him.

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