Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Covid-19 Vlogs (Week 9)

I didn't really vlog this week. This was the week of my miscarriage. It was rough. I picked up the camera only when I really wanted to capture something cute. And I did a heart-to-heart talk at the end of this viedo about my miscarriage. 

This is really the last covid-19 vlog because as we are starting week 10 now, our state is reopening with what they are calling "Phase One". This includes restaurants allowing outside seating at half capacity and churches can gather with social distancing guidelines in place. I feel so much hope as we go into our first week  Phase One with Virginia. I can't wait for gyms and children's areas to open. My kids miss the YMCA and our kids museum, but I am glad for our safety and I hope we continue to be safe.

Love you guys. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. 


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