Monday, June 29, 2020

Covid-19 Vlog (Week 12)

Becky practically would wear nothing else but what you see in the above picture this whole week! By the way, its not even clothes. Well I guess sort of it is--its an old nightgown I had when I was 18 months. Becky is two, it doesn't fit her very well, and it wasn't in her closet. It was in the doll clothes that go with her dolls. But she won't. Take. It. Off. Oh well! She's cute, and only two once, right? 

Three things happened this week of note: one, Virginia's cases are low enough to enter phase two of reopening!! This is great! We are on our way to returning back to work, and things becoming more "normal". I am pleased. Two, we had a lot of wonderful peaceful protests against racism (and a few scary acts of violence, but nothing major). I am praying for our country, and for my state.

I also had some freaky health issues this week (an migraine, some eye issues) and I will be having a check up next week due to this. Definitely an added stresses to our week. 

I love you all and will see you next week with more vlogs. Praise God for blessings and for his salvation!!

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