Thursday, January 18, 2018

Boob Design Nurisng/Maternity Clothes Review

I bought nursing clothes! These are from Boob Design, an eco friendly and sustainable nursing wear (and maternity wear) company. Most of the clothes are organic cotton, with some wool and lyocell thrown in. I love them, the ethics and the clothes! I was so excited to find a fair trade company that caters to nursing and maternity clothes.

I didn't buy any nursing clothes with Reuben, and that's okay. First of all I didn't know if I was going to be able to nurse--how could I comprehend I'd end up nursing for TWO YEARS?! This time I want to make nursing easier on myself (since I'll be chasing a toddler too). That's why I decided to buy some easy-to-nurse in outfits. Also, Reuben was born in July. I kinda just set around my house with no clothes on, trying to learn how to latch him. Rebekah is due in January. I hate the cold. Nursing sweaters are a must!

Enjoy the review video. I go over the customs charges (these clothes are from the EU) and sizing issues I found when ordering. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I hope to order more from them if we can afford it!