Monday, January 8, 2018

37 weeks

I'm so close guys! The third trimester has been such a blessing for me: I feel like I'm used to being pregnant and have a good schedule down. I am still a little nauseous randomly, and I've thrown up a few times too--but nothing like the first trimester. In the picture below, I am 36 weeks with Reuben on the left and 36 weeks with Rebekah on the right. I can tell that I gained more weight in the first picture for sure, not that it really matters--I just want a healthy baby. But I do feel less swollen and more normal this time around.

How much weight have I gained? I've only gained 20 pounds so far. With Reuben I gained 50! I feel good. 

The gestational diabetes thing has also become more manageable. I still panic every time but I have some coping mechanisms to get through testing, and my numbers are good so my anxiety is down. I'm also right to the end--only a few more weeks and I can hopefully but the blood glucose meter away in a box.

Rebekah is looking good. She turned vertex (no longer breech) so that is behind me (I mean I guess she could turn again but she hasn't and I feel good about it). My GBS test was negative and that's a load off my mind.  Everything is ready--my bag is packed, Reuben's bag is packed for the friend he is staying with while I am in labor. I got my bag ready since I don't have a gradual labor-- it starts and it STARTS. I won't have time to pack (well, unless it's different then last time) a bag while I'm screaming in pain. So, everything is ready. All I need is for her to arrive.