Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sewing Cloth Pad Tutorial (mama cloth)

I love mama cloth. I've been using it for years, before I had Reuben. It's great, and you just throw it in the wash every month. I wash mine twice, once by itself (or with Reuben's cloth diapers) to remove all the icky, and then once with a load of laundry to really deep clean it.

I like the thin cloth pads the best. The thick ones, I've found, don't dry well and can smell mildew-y after awhile. I like thin ones that I can stuff inserts in, so I can customize the absorbancy to what day of my period it is. First day? Stuff that puppy. Last day? I can just wear it without any layers added.

Bonus: the layers are removable and thus dry easily. No more mildew smell!

I have a bunch of receiving blankets that Reuben outgrew months ago. I decided to use those to make myself a few cloth pads, since the few I have right now require me to wash them in the middle of my period. I need about 5 more, and I thought: why not make them myself?

So I did. You can see the video here or below!