Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More Woolies

I made another pair of woolies for Reuben. This time I didn't match the colors up on the legs, and I like them a lot better. He wore them to the park. This is also the cloth diaper size of my pattern (the last pair were for disposable diapers). I plan on waterproofing them with lanolin.

I love them so much! I love that I made them, that he loves them, that they keep him warm, and that they are fun. I also, of course, made his hat.

The only sad thing about spring is no more knitting for the toddler. At least not wearable items. This kid is built like daddy and is a furnace. He needs the absolute minimal of layers in the summer!

Happy knitting, friends. I'm going to go enjoy the toddler some more before he suddenly hits his teen years. I can feel them like they are right around the corner...