Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5 Months Paleo

Well, to be fair I did take a one-week break from paleo during my husband's one week of vacation this month. During this time I ate rice and a few gluten, soy, and dairy free treats that I don't normally eat. It was a relaxing break from the normal food prep I do, but I know my body suffered. I got brain fog, swelling, and had to take off my wedding ring. But I did get to enjoy toast (vegan and gluten free) with my husband's (gluten) toast in the mornings with breakfast. It was easier to feed myself just staying gluten, dairy and soy free, but I went right back on the paleo diet when husband returned to work. I enjoyed my break, perhaps I will do it again next year. (Anyone else find they get less done when their husband is home on vacation too?)

Anyway, I feel like I've got this paleo thing down, like it's second nature almost. Every Saturday I make ranch for the week, and mayo and ketchup too. I also prep a muffin for breakfast usually, since I am bleary-eyed and hungry when waking and it's the time my son is the most clingy as well. The muffins usually run out by Wednesday or Thursday and so I usually make more...

I also think I know the secret to paleo food: it's in the sauce. Most literally in the sauce. I usually make stir fry for dinner and having a good sauce is key to making it scrumptious. My favorite is the orange chicken sauce in Against All Grain's first cookbook. I also like the sunflower seed butter one in Well Fed Two. Sunflower seed butter by itself (not cooked) is disgusting.

I am still committed to this paleo journey and I am loving how great I feel and how much energy I have. Buying and eating local is fun too! We eat lots of zucchini (so easy to add to everything, or make into a "hummus" for dipping) and I snack on fruit all the time. Seasonally, I am eating organic cherries now. Reuben loves them too, he had some for lunch today!

So this is what 5 (ish) months paleo looks like. Next month will be 6! My goals next month are to start exercising again (it's been two months...) and to weigh/measure myself and take a selfie.