Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 38

Just to warn you, I used a new camera this week that does not have optical image stabilizer in it--and thus there are some clips in here that are REALLY shaky! Lesson learned, that camera will have to be stable when used! Also, this will be my last weekly vlog. I'm going to start daily vlogging! I'll still post the vids on the blog, but instead of one video, there will be a post each wednesday with 3-4 videos in it, one for each day depending on how many days I vlog. I just think it will be more streamlined this way and I'll have each day down and not a big mush of content on who-knows-what day. I also created a new channel for daily vlogging so it won't cramp up my knitting and crochet video channel. Go have a look, I'll start posting videos on the 1st of July.