Monday, May 2, 2016

3 months paleo

Three months. It feels like such a short time, actually. A lot has happened this month! For one, my husband stopped being paleo. That's been hard, as its difficult for me not to cheat and just eat gluten, soy and dairy free... But he is still basically paleo for dinner, since I cook dinner and I really don't have time to create separate things. He still supports me on my paleo journey, too. He just wants a cheeseburger from Burger King once in a while, and there is nothing wrong with that. His body does not react to gluten or dairy, and he honestly struggles with hunger when following a paleo diet. I want my husband to listen to his own body, as I listen to mine--this means he buys his own snacks and even has been making his own breakfast.

I also tried to reintroduce dairy into my diet this month. I still want to be low carb, high fat--and dairy falls into that category (but is more then a keto thing). Grass fed butter is also a paleo staple and I've been missing it.

Let's just say my body does not like dairy. I looked 6 months pregnant and had miserable stomach cramps the entire time. As soon as I removed cow products from my diet my bloating and pain went away. I am happier dairy free, and I will probably try dairy again--but in a year or two, to see if my gut just needs more time to heal.

I tried some new paleo food as well. I made this raspberry cheesecake--to be honest, it was just too rich for me to enjoy it much. I didn't like it. I have found my staple chocolate chip cookie recipe: it's a (very) modified version of this recipe. My favorite paleo snack happens to be roasted cauliflower. It's so easy and just like french fries.

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I'm still eating peanut butter, and I sometimes will eat organic corn. I also wanted to measure myself this month. I measured myself on my four week paleo update here, and I wanted to see how things had changed. I took these measurements on the 25th of April, so four days before I actually hit 3 months.

I was delighted to see that my weight is down! I have been trying to exercise at least every other day. I am now 170--the same weight I was when I gave birth to Reuben (I lost 30 pounds when I gave birth, gained 10ish back before beginning to exercise again) but this still leaves me 20 pounds over my prepregnancy weight. My goal weight is 150--it's where I personally feel the most comfortable.

Current measurements:

Thigh: 25 inches (previously 22 inches, how did I gain 3 inches?!)
Bust: 38 inches (same)
Underbust: 32 inches (1 inch lost)
Hips: 44 inches (2 inches lost!)
Belly: 35 inches (2 inches lost!)
Upper Arm: 11 inches (2 inches lost)

I am really excited to see results. Having my clothes fit better and seeing these numbers is helping my self-esteem. As a result I have been feeling overall more body positive. That has helped my mood swings so much! And it's also helped my sex life--I really am not interested in showing my body to my husband when I feel bloated, fat, and horrible.

That's three months paleo. I wonder what four months will bring? Maybe a little brother or sister for Reuben!