Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Remembering and Honoring my Miscarriages

Remembering the pregnancies that I lost is very important to me. Each of the children I have carried in my womb are important to me, no matter the amount time they spent there. I wanted a memento to remember them all by and my friend Jessica, who sells Origami Owl has helped me do just that!

I will be hosting Jessica this week in an online Origami Owl Facebook party. Check it out if you are interested in origami owl products like the locket above that my husband bought me to memorialize my miscarriages and also the birth of Reuben. In full disclosure, as a host, I receive a discount from Origami Owl and "hostess gifts" that are based on orders from my party. But I truly love their products and what they mean to my life. 

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