Friday, February 21, 2014

Things That Annoy Me

1) When the font on a pinterest pin is too small to read. So I click on it...only to get a blurry picture that never loads. And then I have to go the rest of my life wondering what it said. Forever. Wondering.

2) Or, I do enlarge said pin, and can finally understand it, only to find out that, upon further inspection, the link attached to the picture leads to nowhere. Great. I wanted to buy/make/claim this idea as my own, and now I can't. You had one job. One job.

3) Spammy Comments on Instagram. Specifically spammy comments where the person then apologizes for said spamming. What?

4) Spammy comments on youtube. I don't think I have to elaborate here.

5) The fact that when I think about writing/finishing my book(s) (something I really want to do) a very big picture of blank nothingness appears in my head and I suddenly have a desire to do something, anything else.

6) Twitter rants about race/politics/feminism/ OR THE OLYMPICS that end up just being two people yelling at each other. I left facebook because of this. Why do you do this to me?

Instead, this is how twitter should be used...

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