Monday, February 17, 2014


So. The time comes in every knitters life when you want to surmount the unthinkable and knit a garment. A large garment. Possibly a garment with cables. Involving math, because no two humans are the same size, and wow, why are my hips so big?

And of course you don't want to do it alone. The vashta nerada might get you. Well, technically mostly because you might give up. Large projects are started with the greatest of intentions but are hastily set aside for something easier and smaller like a hat. Everybody likes hats! And you can finish a hat in one day, but a sweater? Ain't nobody got time for that. Thus...I'm introducing my very first:

Why a knit-a-long, you ask? Because, once in your life the overwhelming compulsion to knit an sweater with your own two hands out of 1,800 yards of cerulean blue yarn will overcome you. And it's good to have a support group.

The following is an real life example from a true, honest outsider who will attempt to give some insight on what you and your loved ones may experience should you choose to embark upon this quest.

Hi, my name is Brian. I am married to a wonderful, caring wife who cooks great meals and always showers before I come home. But last month she decided to knit a sweater! I never knew life could be so complicated. Now there is yarn in the bedroom. And my laundry is piling up because of something she calls "frogging". What is this frogging? Why does it seem to take up such large quantities of time that should be devoted to other things, like dinner? Last week we tried to have a movie night, and I couldn't even turn the lights off because that would put my wife behind on her knitting schedule...not to mention snuggling. There is nothing quite like attempting to snuggle with ones wife and ending up tangled in a mass of blue wooly yarn and then having said wife in tears because apparently tangles are not cohesive to the knitting process. Having put up with this fancy of my dear, wonderful wife for almost two years now, I regret to say I cannot, in your best interest, recommended it to you. *
*individual results may vary. Please see back of package for further instructions. Tardis not included.

Well, there you have it. 

Next month Sew Technicolor and I will be doing knit-a-long! We will both be knitting cardigans. Kristin will be knitting Lady Marple, and I will be knitting Chocolate Stout. If you are so inclined, please feel free to join us on our journey. We can always use a few more yarn crazies, I mean, enthusiasts over here....the theme is the one with the most yarn wins, err, I mean, to challenge yourself to learn something new, rather it be to knit a hat or even leggings for your pet lizard.

Crocheters are welcome as well! Just create something amazing. :)


Tori Bragg said...

This sounds like a fabulous adventure! If things weren't so crazy in my life right now I'd totally join you (crocheting, of course. I'm such a knitting noob!).

Kristin said...

I'm so excited! I keep checking my email to see if my yarn has been shipped, no matter how improbable that is. :)

Rachel G said...

haha--you sure are a knitting enthusiast!

Michelle Bellamy said...

Hahaha!! My mom is a crazy awesome knitter, and I feel like my dad would same the sing things about her ;)