Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainbow Cowl

I knit this infinity scarf the other day. It was a really quick knit, only taking a few hours on my 24 inch circular needles.

I created this for my etsy shop. The bright colors really helped cheer me up as I was knitting, and I love watching the rainbow form! One funny thing: this was my first time knitting with silk. And no one told me silk can smell really, really funny (and awful) when you get it wet. I thought I might have ruined my scarf more then once! But the smell went away after it dried, thank goodness. And my knitting friends say this is normal--that silk can smell funny.

Of course, I also made a free pattern for download in case you are interested in knitting yourself a scarf!

Next week I am knitting the amazing Rachel of The Random Writings some gloves! I hope she loves them!

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