Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chunky Cowl

My good friend Katie recently gave me this skein of super chunky neon yellow yarn. I loved the color, but was kind of at an absolute loss over what to do with it.

But then Typative Mama Cat sent me two skeins of super chunky black and white yarn--and I suddenly had an idea.
I could make a cabled scarf!

So that's exactly what I set down and did. If you also want to knit this scarf, I've uploaded a free PDF pattern for download here. This scarf can be looped once or twice around your neck. I adore the pop of color and, of course, how absolutely cozy it is!
I still have a ton of neon yarn left over, and an idea for another scarf in the works!

The knitting, it never ends.

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Rachel G said...

I think "The knitting, it never ends." is extremely true for you.