Friday, May 18, 2012


I knitted my first washcloth this week! I gave it to my lovely sister for her mothers day gift.
If anyone is interested in making it; here is the pattern!

K: Knit
P: Pearl

Cast on 38 stitches. I am using size 6 needles and yarn to match the needle size. I recommend 100% cotton yarn if you are going to be using this on your face or on dishes. It holds together much better and survives washing!

Row 1-3: K all

Row 4: K all
Row 5: K3, P to end, K3
Row 6: K3 (P2 K1) 10x P2 K3
Row 7: K3 (K2 P1) 10X K5

Repeat rows 4-7 to form the pattern. I repeated it 8 times, but it is up to you.

to end, K4 rows, and bind off :)

Thats it! Hope you like it.

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