Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knit Bow Ring Tutorial

I saw an awesome tutorial for knit bow rings over at One Sheepish Girl but I didn't like how "long" her rings were! They seemed a bit wide for me! I envisioned plump little bow rings :)

So I made some of my own. I completed the process differently then One Sheepish Girl, but of course have to give credit to her for the idea :)
These cute bow rings are delightfully easy to make! All you need is a ring (I used adjustable ones) some yarn, and of course, knitting needles.

I am using size 6 needles and corresponding yarn.
Step One: Cast on 5 stitches
Step Two: Knit all front rows and purl all back rows.
The pattern looks like this:
row 1: k all
row 2: p all
row 3: k all
row 4: p all
(and continue this pattern)
Step Three:  You want to knit until it gets this long (about 2.5 inches)
Then bind off.
Step Four: Fold in half and sew up the seam.
Step Five: Lay the seam to the back, and use the tail to wrap around the middle, forming a bow.
Cut off any excess, and tuck the ends under, using the yarn needle
Step Six: Now you have adorable cute little knitted bows!
Use them to adorn various things! I put mine on rings. And fabric cuffs!
If you don't want to make one, these cute knit bow rings are for sale in my shop, two for 12$!

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