Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ever have one of those super bored moments? Okay, all of us have. Thats what the internet is for, right? But sometimes even the internet bores you. 

It's even worse when you are with someone else, who is equally bored and staring at you as if you will suddenly grow wings and entertain them...

So we bought clay :)

It's a great date idea, for the evening, and even kids can join in on the fun! You get to work together, and discover hidden talents. He can make something for you, or you can make something for him! The possibilities of clay are endless. 

This kind of clay air dries and can be painted. (or it can be fired, but sadly I do not have a kiln in my closet) 

For 9.99 we got a huge bag of clay and a few hours of amusement. Now to paint them!

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