Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Patchwork Wristlet Cuff Experiment

I absolutely adore these patchwork wristcuffs from Etsy. Some of them are 30+ dollars, so of course I want to make one myself!

I love these two from GreavesDesign: Arn't they amazing? I would love to own any of her work. But each of her creations are 85$. My bank account currently does not allow me to...indulge...in this specific form of art.

So I tried to make one myself, of course.

(Warning, below picture is not nearly as dainty or charming as above inspiration)

Alright...maybe I must study this art more? I tried plaid. Plaid is easy, right? Plus I had a lot of it. But something isn't quite "right" with the cuff! However, it was fun to make and I want to get better! Second times the charm?
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