Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Patchwork Wristlet Cuff Experiment

I absolutely adore these patchwork wristcuffs from Etsy. Some of them are 30+ dollars, so of course I want to make one myself!

I love these two from GreavesDesign: Arn't they amazing? I would love to own any of her work. But each of her creations are 85$. My bank account currently does not allow me to...indulge...in this specific form of art.

So I tried to make one myself, of course.

(Warning, below picture is not nearly as dainty or charming as above inspiration)

Alright...maybe I must study this art more? I tried plaid. Plaid is easy, right? Plus I had a lot of it. But something isn't quite "right" with the cuff! However, it was fun to make and I want to get better! Second times the charm?


Beth E. said...

I like it! Yours is very cute. And you can only get better with time! :)

kmdelacruz said...

I saw these hand made cup sleeves for any standard paper coffee cup you would get from a starbucks or the like. They were so cute, and they made me think of you! you should make some because I'm sure yours would be better. her's were plain, but you're more artsy. I would buy one from you if you made me one :)