Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Things that Make Me Happy

I had a bad day. It happens to everyone. But its weird how alone a bad day can make you feel, even when you are not. So, I've decided to make a post about my favorite things and then to cheer up, move on, and study for the GRE. I stole borrowed this from Katie.

10 Things that Make Me Happy

1) God! He is always there for me, and will never leave or forsake me. I always try to put him first and mostly fail. He is my friend, my father, my creative muse, my everything.

2) My family. I couldn't find a picture of us all together, so these will have to do. We are a crazy bunch but we all love each other!

3) My boyfriend =P He's crazy, doesn't get enough sleep, and is very intelligent and sexy. Need I say more? =) Plus, he tells me my art is amazing.

4) Trees. I love them and think they are magical. Really. Sometimes the beauty of a tree makes me teary. I'm serious.

5) Bubble Tea. Taro milk tea, with bubble, no ice.

6) My hair. It's really long. I love it and I thank my mommy for it!

7)  Reading. Anywhere. Anytime.

8) A blank piece of notebook paper. A blank, white, pale sheet of thick watercolor paper. Canvass. An empty word document. I don't know why, but I love unused, crisp notebooks and mysterious-looking journals...

(this is from Kreativlink on etsy. I L-O-V-E her handmade journals. She watercolors every page.)

9) Sewing, of course. This is my favorite dress I've made so far.

 10) My friends.

My 10 things aren't in any particular order, by the way =) Well, besides the first one (God should come first =P).

What are 10 things that make you happy?

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