Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cream and Blue

So, I had the audacious goal to make 10 purses this weekend. Yeah...that didn't happen! Between studying for the GRE, cleaning, and other various activities I had only a short time to sew. But I did make two purses! And three wrist cuffs.

Purse 1

Purse 2

And then I made three fabric wristlets. The first wristlet closes with buttons, and the second two use thin magnets. I am still waiting on the magnets to arrive in the mail (I bought them from here) so I couldn't add them yet.
So...7 more purses to go! I need to raise 200-300 dollars for the month I won't be working in December in order to pay bills. (they lay everyone off at the college in food service, of course, because the college isn't open) I have the money in my savings, but of course want to save it, not spend it! =)

So, what do you think?


Beth E. said...

My favorites are the bracelet in the last picture and the second purse. Good luck with the money saving, I'm flat broke otherwise I would so buy one! (Literally, I just begged my mom for gas money.)
It's tough being creative. One day we will get there!

Amanda said...

Your purses are really cute!