Friday, December 3, 2010

Confessions of my High-School heart

(fyi, this is meant to be funny) (and yes I thought of this idea while sleeping....tee hee)

1) Being an adult isn't fun.

Thats right. Remember all that free time in high school you had to chill, hang with friends, and mope about being a lowly serf  stuck the last rung of the social ladder? Well now you have to work 40+ hours a week, feed yourself, pick up after yourself, and maintain that thing called metabolism that has finally caught up to you.

2) The popular girls are not perfect. 

I didn't want to be one of the popular girls, per se, but I definitely envied them. What I didn't realize is that they are really deep down sad. And generally depressed, most of the time. Their snide remarks? Just grabs for attention, uttered to hide their own wounded hearts. Most popular girls I knew now either live plastic cookie cutter lives with a hidden bulimic problem (That everyone knows about but no one, of course, discusses in their presence) or are no longer popular and work at the local Walmart complaining about their babies daddy who never pays child support. So don't let them get to you, study hard and ignore them. They are just girls, in high-school, vining for attention with the rest of the rabble, anyway.

3) People really are as closed minded and shallow in the real world just like they are in highschool. 

Remember that snobby girl named Ashley that made fun of your clothes throughout all four years of highschool? The one who had a brand new car when she was 16, was a cheerleader captain by 17,  always dated a football player AND got asked to prom when she was a freshmen? And you were so looking fowared to growing up, getting a new job, and dealing with "mature" adults! Well, now her name is Whitney-Sarah-Blair-Megan-Lynn...and she works 9-5 with you. She snubs you, talks bad about you, is lazy, and flirts with all the men in the office. She also blames bad work on you. She belittles your viewpoints constantly and generally looks amazing in a miniskirt all the time...her favorite word is "like" and her head is as empty as her complexion. Congratulations, the real world is...just like highschool.

4) Money does not grow on trees

In school, (most) parents give their budding teens at least a little free change. A 20 for that first date. 10 for gas. And lets not mention that new dress, pedicure, manicure, hairstyle, corsage, and makeup for prom. Or, for guys, that amazing new video game where everyone's head explodes for 30 bucks at Gamestop. Now, enter the adult world. You make minimum wage, or if lucky, you make a little more. The government takes 20%. Your rent is due. You have to pay for heat, water, and trash. And yes, even for internet. Oh, and wait, here come mom and dad! What, they want to "borrow" 20? Or 40? @*#4&;*. (note, my parents have yet to do this...but I've heard stories...)

5) You will miss high-school.

What I miss most about high-school is the forced socialization. I miss lunch time. Everyone at the table, discussing politics, the government, inserting our own ideas and building empires only to tear them down later, at our own whim. I miss tping people's cars, (lol Matt and Ben!) rocking out to video game music...staying up all night playing WOW....sure, some of this happens in college, but nothing can replace that first time, that first taste of freedom. I miss killing time, when we thought we had all the time in the world...

These are just ideas I have realized over the years, personally. Some of them are meant to be satire, some are true.  And really, I do like being an adult. Without having accomplished most of the things listed above, I wouldn't be an adult, now would I?

Does anyone have any other "confessions" to add or share??

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Beth E. said...

SO TRUE. Great post. I think the year I was 17 was my favorite year. I had all the freedom and potential in the world.