Thursday, December 22, 2022

Week 19...and a half

Today we made Christmas cookies and the kids are so excited about celebrating Christmas in just a few short days. I am a few days shy of halfway to baby. Or, I hope, over halfway! This baby is going to be 'done' before 40 weeks right? I don't know. No one knows. Except God and he hasn't told me.

Anyway. We find out the gender January 5th!! My pregnancy is going well so far; no issues besides vitamin D deficiency that I have supplemented (and I have a ton more energy now too; so I definitely needed it). I am taking fermented cod liver oil.

I wish I could show how how many loud bangs, crying, and "I"m hungry" interruptions happened in the last two paragraphs but alas, I did not take any pictures and everyone is fine. Children are wonderful but also I need 10 minutes alone please.

I ordered a high chair for the baby. It is a bit early for a high chair but it was on sale, matches the one that becky uses (its a grow with me one) and it's probably better to space out the purchasees so it doesn't happen all at once. My list right now for baby is:
  • Dock-A-Tot
  • Baby clothes at least to 6m size in the home and swaddles
  • Baby Wrap for mom and carrier for dad
  • Aquire crib from friend (yay just have to pick it up and assemble)
  • Sids alarm (I plan to not sleep with this baby you can laugh with me later)
  • Baby play mat
  • Loads of non-cloth diapers and wipes
  • Breast Pump
  • High Chair
I don't think there is anything else I honestly need. We got rid of all the baby stuff after my last miscarriage (I needed to...) and I did not think I would ever have another baby. Actually I planned on not having another baby. God decided differently for some Unfathomable Reason. And I am grateful because his ways are better...they are even if I don't understand it.

A friend gave me a baby swing which will be amazing and with that and the baby mat I should be set with "zones" that are only for baby and not for my older kids. 

Anyway, I still am in shock that I am going to give birth to another human...I haven't breastfed anything in 2.5 years and I haven't changed diapers in 2. I really am in for an entire life adjustment. 

My kids play with tons of non baby safe toys that will have to be carefully regulated once the tiny human I am creating learns to crawl. Thinking of getting gates for their room doors.

Lately I have been vacillating between nesting and angst. There are so many things I want to change about my house and while I can make some small changes there is nothing I can do about many things and it makes me want to scream!! I want to move, husband does not want to move, this is a recurring monthly argument that I need to lay to rest. My children are growing up faster than bean spouts in springs (Reuben will be 8 this summer what?!) and I am desperately in need of clothes that will fit a medium sized watermelon in the torso region. There are so many changes happening at once and I am trying to cope and failing but at least I am laughing and praising God though it all. 

Daily I wonder what the next year of homeschooling (Reuben's year 3, Beckys first year of kindergarten) will look like with a tiny human underfoot, and lets not even wonder how I will cook anything much less teach math and read books. 

I need to take at least one bump pick. Maybe a Christmas 20-week photo!! I need to do a week of finger pokes for my midwife who is insisting I still do this even though I am eating keto and the idea of having high blood sugar on keto is a conundrum. Sigh. Hopefully this one week and maybe another around 26 will be enough and I can not spend the whole pregnancy poking myself 4 times a day like I had to with Becky. It would be nice.

God is good and Christmas is going to be wonderful.

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